Xbox Bros.


Welcome to the Xbox Bros. HQ!

 We're a small aspiring, no profit all fun, clan that play for fun but aren't afraid of a little friendly game banter and team playing. The clan has gone through many changes through names, games and tactics but in 2011 we decided to keep it simple and so Xbox Bros. was born. Out in the gaming world we're better known as "XB11" as a clan tag.

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 Values And Morals

 Although we accept gamers will all different levels of skill, game style and behaviour we have one major phrase which we run by; "Co-operatively Fair". We value this phrase so highly that it is a major factor when accepting new members. Our values and standards are what we believe makes us different from other clans.

- What the phrase means: "Co-operatively Fair"

 The phrase, that we base ourselves on, is a rule to follow to achieve fun gaming with others. You must be willing to work co-operatively with others. This is because working with others in a team everyone can achieve more. This means that the whole experience of gaming is more fun for everyone. Plus who doesn't like to have a team mate cracking skulls with ya? Even if you are a lone wolf you can always contribute to the team effort if it's picking off troops from afar or sabotaging enemy equipment. Another important part of the phrase which you must be willing to do is play fair. Showing that you are fair shows that you can play and commit within standard rules of play. Playing in a fair manner helps encourage fair play which we believe makes gaming more enjoyable.

 Future Plans

 When we grow a bit bigger we hope to split our clan into squads to reinforce that team playing. We hope to match players in your squad who play in the same style and time zone so you get the most out of being a part of our clan.

 See you on the battlefield bros.!


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